Black Welsh Mountain Sheep

2023 lambs available soon

Black Welsh Mountain Sheep were first imported to the US in 1972 by Thomas Wyman of Easton, Maryland. While the breed has been promoted as an exotic sheep in North America its qualities make the breed a natural choice for sustainable sheep producers.  Black Welsh Mountain Sheep are a well-kept secret in the sheep industry and among sheep producers.

Black Welsh Mountain Sheep were traditionally raised in the Welsh mountains and selected for their hardiness on marginal pasture and excellent foraging ability.   The ewes generally have single or twin births and are excellent mothers with very little need to intervene during birthing or nursing.  Due to the sheeps’ smaller size it is recommended to wait until they are yearlings to breed.

Please send us an email at if you would like to be placed on our waiting list for 2023 lambs.


Lamb and Mutton cuts from the Black
Welsh Mountain Sheep are considered premium cuts in the British Market.
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