Black Welsh Mountain Sheep are currently listed as Threatened under The Livestock Conservancy.  They are smaller to Medium sized sheep that have been bred by Shepherds’ in the Welsh mountains for their fine black fleece and superior meat flavor and texture. We are happy to be part of the Shave ’em 2 Save ’em project and will be providing stickers for all wool purchases that qualify.  To order please send an email with what you would like and your shipping zip code to Robin@mmgranola.com






about the wool

Black Welsh Mountain wool is short, thick, and densely stapled. With a staple length is 5-10 cm, and fiber diameter ranging between 28-36 microns. The average fleece is three to four pounds per sheep. Black Welsh Mountain wool is attractive to hand spinners, and the natural black color makes it valuable for use undyed or in combination with other wools, where it is used to make grays or in the manufacture of tweeds and other patterns.

black welsh mountain roving



Our roving is made by a family owned wool mill in PA.  Available by the oz.

partial black welsh mountain fleece


$3.50/oz. - OUT OF STOCK

We have full fleeces, and partial fleeces available.  All fleeces have been skirted.  Full fleeces available individually or as partial fleece by the oz.

black welsh mountaincorespun yarn

corespun yarn


Corespun yarn is machine made by the same mill that produces our roving.  It is a thick yarn that is spun around an inner cord for strength.   An oz. is approx. 8 feet. Available by the oz. 

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