covid warning

All of our events have been canceled since March 2020.  As of May 2021 all of our 2021 events were also canceled for the remainder of the year. 

Along with all of our events being canceled, all of the shut downs and restrictions that were put in place in New York state as well as the world caused  supply shortages for our ingredients along with such large price increases that as of October 2021  (and still continuing) we could no longer absorb the difference, making it impossible to produce our granola in a reasonable timeline at a price we feel is fair to the local stores that have been partners to us in getting our granola out year round to our customers. 

We have decided not to re-open our granola kitchen at this time as our farm’s focus has changed over the past several years.  We  would like to offer our thanks to all of our loyal customers over the years that came to seek out our granola at local stores, farmers markets and festivals. 

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